The World’s Most Amazing Private Islands

Many people dream that one day they will be wealthy enough to buy their very own private island in the sun, but the sad reality is that many of us will actually struggle to afford to buy our own houses, let alone our own place in the sun. However, there are a select lucky few […]

SuperShe island – a female only resort

If you are a woman who wants to take a break from men, then here is a perfect solution: a women-only island off the coast of Finland. If you have seen the film Wonder Woman and was wondering if there is a similar island to Themyscira where you can be like an Amazon, then SuperShe is for you. According to […]

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Aogashima – A Trip to an Active Volcano Island

Aogashima island may look like a criminal mastermind’s lair from a Bond film but this volcano island is very much real and can be found around 200 miles off the south coast of Japan. The island itself is a volcanic crater and from the birds-eye-view you can see inside it a smaller crater which was created by a […]